Spirituality — the life of the Spirit

Perhaps it is Wittgenstein that is steadily pushing me, I do not know. But I found this line: "Spirituality — the life of the Spirit..." on a blog that is considered one of the best "spiritual" blogs on the web. But I am compelled to call attention to something-- the word "spiritual" is only used once or twice in the canonical scriptures, and usually on something in opposition to the Gospel. It is often the translation of "life in the [Holy] Spirit," that is, life in a person, life in God.

And to think of the life of God in us or the life of the Spirit in us, still puts us as the center, and God drawn or poured into us rather than we in Christ and Christ in God.

I can hear someone saying it is "both/and," but that is a cop out. I am not the center of anything, not even my "me;" God himself is his own center and the life that we all share is none other than life that comes from Christ in God.

I really want to drop the word "spiritual" and "spirituality" from my vocabulary.


FranIAm said...

This is thought provoking Joel... I have never looked at it that way,but what you say makes sense. It make me think and pray. I thank you.

Joel said...

Wow! Someone read a post of mine. Thanks for your comment Fran. Just to let you know, I have finally corrected my blog address and henceforth is it "joelSpages.blogspot.com-- with the "s" corrected.

FranIAm said...

Hi Joel! You know I am a big fan of Margaret's, so I had seen your link and added it to my reader.

That makes me feel a little like an e-stalker!!

Anyway, your thoughts are appreciated and I love reading Margaret's words, whether on spiri... oops sorry (bad joke?) faith, scripture and more. As well as her words about your lives and of course Mr. Witty.

Pleased to make your acquaintance out here. Pax to you my brother!

it's margaret said...

joel --I still can't find those links you keep talking about. Where are they?

--margaret (from work)